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UKHamlet–master criminal

by Marrick on May 9, 2012

The police called at my house yesterday. Apparently, I had been seen driving at 35 in 30 mph zone in February and hadn##Q##t return the NIP form to the traffic office. The Traffic Office had issued a request to the local police to haul me in. This is the trouble with being a hardened criminal. The day was saved however and I didn##Q##t have to spend the night in the cells when I pointed out that 28 days had not elapsed since the NIP had been issued and showed them the form to demonstrate this.

Unfortunately, I wasn##Q##t at home when they first called, so they left a note with an officer##Q##s name and a telephone number with my son. The shift details and the reason for their call was left blank. When he emailed me all this info, I rang the officer, but kept getting his voicemail. Five calls later, I decided to go into town and call at the police station. I admit, I toyed with the idea of a "you ain##Q##t taking me alive, copper" scenario, but wisely thought better of it.

At the cop shop, they weren##Q##t able to get hold of the officer in question despite him still being on duty and had no idea what the issue was. They said they would email him…

I spent last night checking to see all my relatives were okay, including my ex – but she wasn##Q##t in a coma or anything either. So I went to bed worrying about it all.

I finally got hold of the officer at 8 this morning and we met up at my office fifteen minutes later.

In future I will make sure all my crimes are those that are legally catered for under the various finance acts. Lesson learned.

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