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Goodbye Gandalf

by Marrick on December 30, 2011

When I first moved to Bridgend, I was greeted with a deep, resonant bark from my neighbour’s house. Somehow the word “bark” doesn’t fully convey the sound coming from over the honeysuckle laden fence between our houses. This was a “woof, woof, woof” of the most extraordinary timbre, the kind of noise you would hear […]

Death of a friend I never got to know properly

by Marrick on September 29, 2011

My best friend##Q##s father died yesterday. A heart attack at 79 is not an unusual occurrence, and given he had an attack five years ago, only surviving because of the prompt actions of those custodians of the nation##Q##s health the NHS, it would be safe to say he was living in overtime. Following an operation […]

Piper down – RIP Gerry Rafferty

by Marrick on January 5, 2011

I was friendly with the bass guitarist on Baker Street in the seventies. A chap called Denis Cowan. I remember him describing how they listened to the production and knew straight away it was something special. "Something Special" is how I …would describe Gerry – he had a talent that stood out amongst the chaff […]