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Weird dream

by Marrick on September 27, 2012

I had a weird dream last night. I walked into a cafe somewhere in the West Country. It was a typical country cafe, all chintzy decor and cheap pine furniture. On the floor was a ten pound note, which I picked up and handed to one of the waitresses, a full figured woman of a […]

Harris Avenue – The Movie

by Marrick on September 16, 2005

Robin Williams once said that getting divorced was like having your balls ripped off through your wallet. My divorce was a similarly cathartic experience: after everything was paid for – solicitors, estate agents, other assorted robbing bastards and ex-wife, I was left with £12,000 of my pension and barely any of the equity in the […]

Bangers and Smash

by Marrick on January 5, 2005

There are many ways to send a perfectly good car to an early grave, the most obvious is to give it to a company rep. Less apparent, but lots more fun is to take it to Llandre Airfield on the third Sunday of the month and enter it into a contest with the bargain basement […]