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Wales and the Red Zone

by Marrick on September 12, 2011

I just watched the Wales vs South Africa game again and I have to say that when we got into the red zone, we were almost completely ineffective. It was either smash it up the middle or rumble through the forwards.

South Africa dealt with both easily. They never look flustered in defence. Not once did we try to work space for our wide men, not once did we create an over lap and more often than not, we blew good ball either through making a wrong decision, dropping the ball, or falling victim to South African aggression.

Priestland in particular did NOTHING and I mean absolutely nothing to enhance our scoring chances in the 22. He had a relatively good game elsewhere on the park, but seemed to have no idea what to do once we were in scoring range. Don##Q##t get me wrong, I don##Q##t blame the lad, even though he is a filthy Turk. No, the blame must rest entirely with our attack coach who seems to lack the wit and imagination to create a plan of attack that extends beyond getting into position to create chances. Once there, we do nothing other than batter away.

If you look at the way the Saffers created space when attacking us and you##Q##ll see the real difference. They opened us up with precision, while we tried to beat them to death. That we almost succeeded is probably more to do with their decline than anything we did.

It WAS a good performance from Wales, but we really must focus on creating openings when we##Q##re in try scoring range rather than doing the same old, same old. One definition of insanity is to keep repeating what you##Q##re doing and expecting a different result. Let##Q##s have a bit of variety FFS and use our two most potent weapons – GEORGE NORTH! and Shane Williams.

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