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Why the lightweight chump got upset with the Telegraph

by Marrick on October 22, 2012

Iain Martin wrote an opinion piece in the Telegraph today titled:

Cameron is out of his depth

The opening paragraph read: "The Tories problems lie with the man at the top, writes Iain Martin…"

Less than an hour later, the headline changed to "Out of his depth?" and then, "Is Cameron out of his depth?"

Now it has the opening paragraph "Despite good news on jobs, crime and inflation, various scrapes left the Government looking foolish last week. Do the Tories’ problems lie with the man at the top, asks Iain Martin…"

Exactly the same article lies underneath.

Interestingly, if you type the URL David-Cameron-is-out-of-his-depth.html – it doesn##Q##t go to a 404 page, instead it redirects to Is-David-Cameron-out-of-his-depth.html, which reveals, for those who understand websites, that the original article still exists, it##Q##s just being redirected.

Now I notice that the headline has changed again to:

"Is David Cameron out of his depth?"

I fully expect it to be: "David Cameron: a great statesman and leader of men" by this evening.

This, I believe, is called "spin". Presumably, the Number 10 press office has come down hard on the Telegraph and got a damaging headline changed. This is little more than censorship.

It’s all the more frustrating because they got it right first time: Cameron IS out of his depth and at the first sign of trouble, it##Q##s all going to pieces. It’s fairly evident Cameron is relatively good at presenting his own image in a good light, but pretty rubbish at running the country. He is a PR man by trade and he’s been using those skills to promote himself, but he can’t hide the simple fact that it is all going badly wrong. PR skills are no more valuable in government than those of a Telephone Sanitizer, unless your sole objective is protect your own position and that is exactly what Cameron is doing. In fact, it’s all he’s doing.

As Barack Obama observed, "He##Q##s a lightweight".

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