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Ed confounds his critics as Labour confirm their 10% lead in the polls

by Marrick on July 23, 2012

Ed_Miliband_on_August_27,_2010_cropped-an_less_red-2The latest You Gov / Sun poll reveals that Labour has established a firm lead in the polls of about 10 points.…lts-230712.pdf

Latest YouGov/The Sun results 23rd July CON 33%, LAB 43%, LD 9%, UKIP 8%; APP -35

That bloody Miliband, he##Q##s a terrible leader…

The interesting thing is how the public perceive the leaders:

Cameron scores highly as:

  • -Charismatic
  • -Sticks to what he believes in
  • -Decisive

Miliband scores highly as:

  • -In touch with the concerns of ordinary people
  • -Honest
  • -Sticks to what he believes in

Although in both cases the highest scoring opinion was "None of these".

Labour beat the Tories as the party most likely to do well with:

  • -The NHS
  • -Education and Schools
  • -Taxation
  • -Unemployment

The Tories do decisively better in:

  • -Asylum and immigration
  • -Law and order

Interestingly, there is now only one point in it with regard to the "Economy in general", with the Tories lead continuing to be whittled away. Most surprisingly, is the difference with regard to Europe. The Tories now only have a two point lead, again substantially down from previous polls. It’s also noteworthy that Labour are turning it around amongst women, more of whom now believe that Labour would do better with the economy than the Tories. The same goes for the 25-39 and 40-59 age brackets. Labour still need to do some work with the 18-24 year olds and the 60+ group. Hammering away at youth unemployment and the Tories dreadful record on pensions hasn’t seemed to help. Perhaps a new tack of actually explaining the differences between polices, or even HAVING different policies might help. Aping the Tories, only with “Nasty Medicine Lite”, isn’t doing the job – a distinct difference needs to be made. Clear red water.

I never get the "Law and order" thing with the public and the Tories. They have an appalling record, with civil disobedience and crime soaring under the Tories and falling when we have a Labour government. The legacy of Labour is that crime has fallen to its lowest level since 1989, you watch it start climbing again as the cuts start to bite…

Labour have lots of work to do to overhaul the Tories decisively, especially on the economy, but it seems Ed’s strategy is starting to work, with this poll indicating a Labour victory and a 118 seat majority. No wonder the Tories are falling over themselves to rubbish him.

2 thoughts on “Ed confounds his critics as Labour confirm their 10% lead in the polls

  1. Mike says:

    An interesting article but I would be very curious to see how factual it actually is and the funding behind the organisations making the claims

    Its not uncommon for one opponent to try and lull the other into a false sense of security for one, but with the current climate where the same groups of deep pockets buy all sides in an election before the first vote is cast I also wouldt rule out that this is a strategic move to make those trying to oppose the current government and its changes might relax a bit and not create so much friction IF they can be duped into believeing that the tories being kicked out at the next election is a dead certainty

    As for the labour crime figures being lower than the tories, the FIGURES might be, but crime isnt

    Labour have spent many years perfecting the art of massaging figures to show the exact opposite of what is actually there

    Crime figures altered by not recording many types of crimes, unemployment figures massaged with endless arrays of schemes and exclusions plus making people have to restart claims so theyre not “long term unemployed” and exams simplified to hide how inneffective our schools are

    The thing is we as a nation need to stop playing the bankers games and choosing between their option A OR B of labour or the tories both of which are bought and paid for and both of which work towards the same agenda

    We need practically anyone EXCEPT those parties, even if we end up with a coalition formed from 100 independant parties they will at least be REAL people and ones far more likely to put the voters first before big business or their own personal self interests

    Labour, the tories and now the lib dems might as well just merge into a new party and call it the bankers and media tycoons PR party because thats exactly what they collectively are although for decades they have been conning us with a good cop/bad cop routine with all the authenticity of a WWE smackdown

    If we want a real government we need to elect real people rather than puppets

  2. Keith says:

    Any government mid-term would expect to be down in the polls, it doesn’t mean that the opposition would be elected if there was a snap election, it just reflects public disaffection.

    To be honest, as this government is so inept this lead is miserable, Camerone and his coalition are showing on a daily basis that they have no idea how to get us out of this mess, but the voters are not turning to Labour in any great volumes.

    The public are said to have short memories, but I think that the reason that they are not turning in great numbers is because they remember the last Labour Government and Gordon Brown in particular. His term as Chancellor and Prime Minister were disasterous and some of his fiscal policies have put the country in this sorry position, and to make it worse they turned to the Tories, eventually after a little horse trading, to get us out of it.

    Labour supporters have got to look at the leadership of the party and get them to take Labour back to proper socialist policies, the public want an alternative to the Tories, and the Liberals will never win 50 seats again.

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