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Piper down – RIP Gerry Rafferty

by Marrick on January 5, 2011

Gerry-Rafferty I was friendly with the bass guitarist on Baker Street in the seventies. A chap called Denis Cowan. I remember him describing how they listened to the production and knew straight away it was something special. "Something Special" is how I …would describe Gerry – he had a talent that stood out amongst the chaff of pop ordinaire, an ability to make the most of his lazy, sad voice, an ability to turn the right phrase at the right time, and more than all this, an ability to craft tunes that have and will stand the test of time.

As a Scottish friend once remarked on the passing of close mutual: "Piper down…" RIP Gerry.

One thought on “Piper down – RIP Gerry Rafferty

  1. Kenny says:

    Nice blog but I think you do GR a disservice describing his amazing voice as sad and lazy. It was one of the smoothest voices we’ll ever hear.

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