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Why skinny people should STFU

by Marrick on March 4, 2010

Lovely Bones

Lovely bones

I##Q##m not thin. In fact I##Q##m what some would call a BHB – big handsome bloke. That doesn##Q##t include me, because I don##Q##t like being big. My bigness is more to do with genetics than diet – I eat moderately and do a certain amount of exercise, including visting the gym twice a week. Still, I can##Q##t shed those midriff pounds.

The reason for this is I convert more of my calories to fat than thin people – it##Q##s a simple fact. The equation is easy to understand (even for skinny people) – everyone has a daily calorie burn off rate and it varies from day to day and person to person – if you consume more calories than you burn off, you will get fatter. FACT.

So, I could eat exactly the same number of calories and do exactly the same amount of exercise as a naturally skinny person, but I would burn fewer calories, therefore put on more weight, or lose less. This, of course, is a simplification, but it is in the area of accuracy and for the purposes of this article, it will suffice.

The thing is, I##Q##m not complaining about the unfairness of this, or desirablility of being skinny, or even making excuses about my own inability to lose weight. No, I##Q##m complaining about the sage like posturing of naturally skinny people, who want to tell me how to join their ranks. Why? Because they don##Q##t know. They are there, they have always been there and they have no idea why or how I##Q##m going to make that journey.

You wouldn##Q##t ask a tall person how they got to be tall, would you? The answer is self evident – because one or both of their parents was tall. Ditto a skinny person – one or both of their parents were skinny. Both my parents were fat, ergo, so am I.

I##Q##m about 210 pounds – big, but not huge – I##Q##d quite like to lose about 40 pounds, but Diet and Exercise just isn##Q##t doing it for me. So along comes a skinny person and says: it##Q##s not so much the amount of food, but the type of food you eat. Consume only green veg and fruit and you will be skinny like me very soon. I will also probably have a massive amount of triglycerides in my blood. So skinny person #2 says: it##Q##s not the amount of exercise you do, it##Q##s the type of exercise you do – you need to do more/less aerobic and less/more weight training. Wrong – I just need to exercise – anything will do as long as it gets the muscles burning off calorie, otherwise I will balloon to about 280 pounds.

It##Q##s not just naturally skinny people, it##Q##s the gym rats too. These are people who work out because they don##Q##t have a life, and working out works for them. It doesn##Q##t for me – I work out, I remain fat, but I##Q##m not going to spend 8 hours a day in the gym just because you do. Grow up, get a life and stop waving that carrot stick at me or I##Q##ll shove up it your skinny butt.

Then there##Q##s the XYZ diet advocates. I have a diet for you – keep your mouth closed, you can##Q##t eat when it##Q##s shut, but better still you can##Q##t bore me with your inane stories about how you lost enough poundage to raise the average coastal waters by several feet. Diets don##Q##t work as a permanent solution. They only work while you are on them. As for those “change your lifestyle” nazis – YOU change your lifestyle, I want to change my parents.

There##Q##s only one diet that will work for me – the 10% diet – leave 10% of every meal. That##Q##s my copyright now, and I can feel a book coming on. At least it will be written by a fat person who KNOWS how difficult it is to get skinny, not some streak who gets it all handed to them on a plate. In a manner of speaking. The trouble is, there##Q##s only one thing worse than a skinny person telling you how to get skinny, it##Q##s a fat person telling you.

12 thoughts on “Why skinny people should STFU

  1. Kenny says:

    Stop eating idiot. Especially junk food and red meat. Hope that gets through your fat headnnIf you spend just as much effort trying to get rid of it as you do writing this article you should lose it in no time.

    • UKHamlet says:

      I probably eat less than you, Kenny, and I don’t eat idiot, least of all Canadian Idiot, so you don’t have to worry.

    • James says:

      Well if not eating red meat and junk food makes me an self-righteous, imbecilic douche that needs to rely on ad hominem arguments due t being incapable of formulating a rebuttal, then I’d rather tuck into a lovely steak and a side order of chips.

      • District of Mike says:

        Excellent James! You stick to your Kangaroo burgers. Although I have to say, my junk food consumption is next to zero, but I insist on a beef steak every now and then, with the fat trimmed you’ll understand. I wish you skinnies would understand this is not about you, it’s about me. It doesn’t matter what I do. I have done calorie controlled diets, in fact I’ve been controlling my calories since my thirties. I exercise, probably far more than most people, but I am what I am, I’m stuck with my genetic inheritance and I will always be big, you will always be a half-man. Great reply though, things always go better with humour. Enjoy your sunshine, bastard.

  2. Keefyboy says:

    I have the same problem, I eat healthy foods, but beer makes me fat, but I’d rather been fat and happy, than dry and skinny.

  3. Mike says:

    If you did write that book it would make sense to put all the good stuff towards the front incase people only read 90% of it πŸ˜‰

  4. Mike Mckay says:

    Until we can find people who when on a hunger strike actually GAIN weight this is a bit of a moot argument really

    Trying to separate food intake/exercise from weight gain is like trying to claim that rain and flooding are unrelated

    It is both scientifically and medically impossible for weight to be created out of thin, or should that be fat air? Because to hear some peoples claims its only the air they breathe in that could POSSIBLY be responsible for their weight gain as they (Allegedly) eat far less food than they burn off each day but STILL gain weight

    This must surely be something that should be examined by the scientific community, Stephen Hawkin and the cast from the big bang theory as it defies science as we know it and seems to postulate that energy and masses of matter CAN infact be created out of nothing WOW

    Anyone who claims their food intake is unrelated to their weight gain should try this one very simple experiment,

    For 2 weeks eat nothing

    Absolutely nothing

    But carry on with your normal daily routine

    Drink no more than 4 litres of WATER (no additives like burgers or donuts) per day and after two weeks check to see if you have gained weight, lost weight or stayed the same

    I think after two weeks we could definitively see whether we need to rewrite the laws of physics or whether a persons food intake and amount of exercise RE direcly related to how large and heavy they are

    As for the hostility, that seems equally aimed in both directions

    Women especially tend to be extremely “catty” when referring to thinner women often claiming they lack personality just because theyre thinner and/or more attractive. That theyre ALL bitches (if thin), are self obsessed, live on diets and various other nonsensical claims

    Odd world, odder people……

    • District of Mike says:

      You misunderstand me, Mike. I’m not saying that weight gain or loss is unrelated to food intake, but I am saying that it is variable. I can eat the same food as a skinny person and do the same amount of exercise, yet gain more weight than them. I’ve established this as a fact. It’s also supported by strong empirical scientific evidence. If you have a genetic pre-disposition to gaining weight, you will do so. Your experiment would prove nothing more than what I have said. It is a fact that I will lose weight if I starve myself, but it is also a fact that I will put on more weight, faster than a skinny person given the same calorific input. This is why skinny people do not understand big people. They think it is because we overeat. I don’t. I eat moderately, I eat healthily, I exercise regularly, but still I can’t shed those pounds. It’s because I have a different metabolism to the hypothetical skinny person. This is why they should STFU. πŸ˜‰

      • Mike Mckay says:

        But youre also missing your own contradiction too

        If you “gain” weight you are eating too much

        it doesn’t matter what size you are, how much you eat, or what type of food it is youre eating.

        Based on YOUR metabolism, with YOUR amount of exercise and YOUR daily intake if youre gaining weight and that isn’t your aim then youre eating too much,

        Half if not more of the female population of the planet due to commonalities in their gender have weight gain issues and yet a large proportion (no pun intended there) of them actually manage to figure out what they CAN eat, how much of it they can eat and how much exercise they need to do in order to avoid becoming overweight or above the weight/shape they want

        My point with the hunger strike that you totally missed is that for ANY person if they eat nothing they WILL lose weight

        That exact same person (ANY person) if they eat too much they WILL gain weight

        But somewhere between the two is a point where their calorific intake and the amount they burn match and their weight remains pretty much constant as that balancing point scientifically HAS to exist between those other two extremes

        So if someone is steadily gaining weight they are obviously above that tipping point and need to either reduce intake, reduce the intake of certain types of food, do more exercise or apply a combination of those things

        Move from not eating at all to just eating one custard cream per day and you still wont gain weight

        Two custard creams a day and a sausage, still no weight gain

        Predispositions still need an excess of calories and as highlighted by the total lack of food weight gain cant exist in an absence of food, not can it exist below the tipping point.

        All a person needs to do is identify whether their tipping point is related to food intake levels full stop, lack of exercise or just the amount of intake of certain types of food and then tackle the excess or deficits in play

        Talking as though its unavoidable, cant be helped, “just is”, has to happen and other defeatist apathetic mindsets merely perpetuates the problems and its actually the vocalisation of those mindsets that needs to STFU if you ask me (which by posting a forum topic about it you kind of did lol)

        An individual has the complete and total ability to exert self control and therefore has complete domain over their weight, But in order to exercise that control they have to first accept they have it and then find the self motivation and self control to exert it consistently

        Or alternatively just be (truly) happy with how they are rather than superficially happy about it, or apathetically “cant be bothered to change it” happy about it which is far far less common than people claim is the case deep down

        • District of Mike says:

          You’re ignoring the comparative element. Which is why skinny people should STFU.

          • Mike Mckay says:

            How so?

            As I said somewhere between eating nothing at all (weight loss) and eating too much (weight gain) there IS an area where you can achieve an equilibrium based on your individual metabolism

            That is an undeniable fact, it negates variety and difference because it unique to each individual and each individual IS capable of both finding and then maintaining that balance

            IF of course they WANT to.

            If you cant be bothered to either find that point or maintain it that’s fine, but please don’t try to pretend it doesn’t exist and that weight gain is some magically unavoidable thing that defies science and biology because it isn’t

            Even the skinniest of people WILL gain weight if they eat more and exercise less irrespective of their build, and larger people WILL lose weight if they do the opposite

            I am not claiming that finding the balance point and then maintaining it is easy for people predisposed to gain weight easily, but it is possible and not doing it is therefore a choice however you might try to dress it up otherwise

            There isn’t really a definitive scope for any comparative because even in fat people each individuals metabolism will be unique, so each solution is going to be equally unique.

            But not bothering to find that balancing point because it either doesn’t come easily, or because there isn’t an off the shelf low effort easy solution to weight gain is still a choice and not an unavoidable eventuality

            In some ways thin people actually have it just as hard if not harder because with a metabolism that tends to maintain a slim frame they struggle to gain weight. But where eating less is an obvious choice with unavoidable consequences a slim person trying to eat more will often find they struggle to sleep, have severe internal pains as their stomach expands and encroaches on surrounding organs as well as other complications

            So CHANGING the bodies natural predisposition to weight and size patterns is hard for everyone thin or fat, Its just that thin people aren’t usually as driven to try and change their bodies natural preferences and behaviours

            Constantly saying “STFU” though isn’t a very constructive approach to trying to take control of your own life, your own destiny and your own body

            Maybe you wouldn’t be struggling with weight and eating behaviours if you directed that energy, anger and vehemence inwardly and at the problem itself instead of projecting it externally as though the universe in some way “chooses” whether you alter your weight or not instead of you making that choice?

            I would suggest reading books by someone like Anthony Robbins

            The only person who can find your bodies balancing point for food intake and exercise as well as eating behaviours is you. And therefore the only person to scrutinise for not having done that is also you. Telling the rest of the world to STFU because you haven’t done it wont alter the fact that YOU haven’t done it

            But on the bright side you just haven’t done it YET, and that can always change when you are ready to choose and decide to make that change

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