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Clegg won’t go to war over Lords reform

by Marrick on April 23, 2012

imageNick Clegg has sent a clear warning to his party that he is not prepared to put the Coalition at risk to force through reform of the House of Lords against opposition from Conservative sceptics. The Independent

He really is an arse. Is there anything he won##Q##t abandon in his headlong pursuit of power? Those of us who have worked the doorsteps in countless elections know for fact that the Liberal Democrats are a principle-free-zone, a party that takes the term ubiquitous to a whole new level. Clegg has really stepped up to the plate though – he##Q##s batting for a new record in jettisoning core party policies. Soon, the only thing to differentiate them from the Tories will be the colour of their ties. Ohhhh…

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