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Direct Democracy: you makes your choice and you pays your money…

by Marrick on June 7, 2012

Direct democracy. What a wonderful phrase. Just roll it around on your tongue for a little while and savour the warm, juicy flavours of the brew. Direct democracy. Mmmm, if Nescafé could capture that aroma, they’d make a mint. So, what is this heady mixture? Here’s what Wikipedia says: Direct democracy (or pure democracy) is […]

Do millionaires pay enough tax?

by Marrick on April 23, 2012

The Office for National Statistics have issued some "facts". Their spin is that "while some multi-millionaires pay less tax than the rest of us, it seems most cough up their share." Official government figures show that 72% of those who earned £10m-plus in 010/11 paid tax at a rate of 40%. 12% paid tax at […]

Why has Labour taken a significant lead in the polls and can they sustain it?

by Marrick on March 28, 2012

Has Ed got it right? Can the man who the Conservative media are at great pains to paint as a poor leader be manoeuvring Labour into a winning position? Or are the Tories shooting themselves in the foot now, then hoping they can reap the benefits later?  As of today Labour are ten points clear […]

So, why are the Tories setting a minimum alcohol price?

by Marrick on March 23, 2012

An interesting proposal, this one: the idea that setting the price of a unit of alcohol at 40p per unit will somehow deter the binge drinkers is completely risible. And the evidence that pricing affects consumption is not unchallenged, unless it reaches the point where it is no longer affordable. So, what is the real […]