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by Marrick on January 10, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: The Golden Cube by Matt Taylor

20130110_170613Imagine a world where space travel, cellular regeneration, perfect engines, space travel, aliens, reincarnation and a host of other marvels are common place, but no-one but an elite few know about them. Amongst these elite few are God, Satan and group militaristic human Illuminati who are constantly playing a game with Satan over how the world is ordered.

Leonardo “Bingo” Ashman, a small time political activist eking out an existence in Brighton, lives in such a world, and who knows, maybe we do too. What he doesn’t know is he is very special and when he comes into possession of the Golden Cube, he is cast into a new and strange world with his travelling companion, a cellularly regenerated Queen Elizabeth II. The adventure leads them all over Western Europe and eventually to the Scottish Isles where the fate of all mankind rests in his hands.

Taylor’s debut novel is well paced and at times exciting. He writes with enthusiasm and no little humour, pitting Bingo against the odds; the fate of the world to be decided by his actions. At times the action does flag a little and while his dialogue is first rate, sometimes he can be a bit sparse with the narrative.

Then there’s the matter of editing.

Unfortunately, the novel has not been professionally edited and sometimes it shows – irritatingly so – with simple spelling errors, typos and grammatical errors. There are a number of sentences that actually do not make any sense whatsoever. This is the biggest pitfall for self-publishers and something I would urge anyone thinking of breaking out of the straightjacket imposed on the publishing world by the mainstream publishers to seriously consider: it will be a couple of hundred quid well spent.

Having said that, I enjoyed the novel immensely and read it over three days during the Christmas period. It is very nearly un-put-down-able… a real page turner, which shows Taylor has the talent for storytelling, he just needs to get the advice of professionals to polish his work.

If you are prepared to suspend disbelief, enjoy conspiracy theories mixed in with a bit of science fiction, are not offended by ribald humour involving the Queen, and not too irritated by silly grammatical errors, you should seriously consider adding this to your reading list. Matt Taylor needs to be signed up by a publisher. Quickly.

You can buy “The Golden Cube” from


Addendum: Matt tells me that his book is still in the proofing stage, so the copy I had was pre-proofread. Hopefully some of the errors I pointed out will be ironed out in the final version.

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